Renowned action director Feng Tuishou reveals the art and authenticity of action film production

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Shelton College International's Signature Course - The"Shelton Masterclass Series" regularly invites elites from the global film and television industry to share their experiences and knowledge, providing students with a platform to understand industry secrets and learn professional skills. In the latest edition, renowned Singaporean action director Feng Tuishou, a nominee for the 59th Golden Horse Awards, delivered a passionate hands-on lecture to film production graduate students on how to create action scenes that are both realistic and stunning. He shared his legendary journey from a streetwise kid to an internationally recognized action actor and director, inspiring students to strive for excellence. By emphasizing the importance of authenticity in action design, and using Jia Ling's performance in "Hot and Spicy" as an example, Feng showcased the essence of real combat art, encouraging students to explore the depth and breadth of film production.