Shelton College International’s Teachers Lead Freshmen to Explore Singapore

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On 8 January 2024, freshmen of Shelton College International embarked on a "Singapore Discovery Tour".



From the National Library to the Singapore City Gallery at the Urban Redevelopment Authority to the Art Science Museum, the check-in points and the teachers waiting to talk to the students at the check-in points were like codes hidden in the city's veins, serving as a treasure trove of knowledge for the students' future and linking them to the deepest sources of Singapore's culture.

Groups of students set off in separate directions, and the first three groups to reach the theatre on the 5th floor of City Square became the "king of the punch card" as expected! Amidst the cacophony of the MRT and the aroma of the food court, the new students walked through the multiracial and multi-coloured crowds, smelling the unique scent of this land, as if they were about to step into a fresh and mysterious kingdom.




In this bustling city, they seriously experience the lifestyle of the locals, and also start the first lesson of "film art" - observation, experience and exploration.