International Student Relations

When students from other countries come to study at Shelton College International, it is important that they are welcomed, informed and nurtured. With this in mind, the International Student Relations office has put in place a proper student welfare care system to support their journey as valued students at our institution.

Via the Pastoral Care Framework, ISR provides mediation and linkage between students and the relevant departments in order to address concerns and resolve problems/ difficulties of the students in a timely manner.

Being the conduit between students and the school, ISR is also aware of the importance of direct feedback to parents overseas. As such, we actively work to ensure that parents fully understand the progress levels of and updates on their child.

We provide ongoing care and student service support for our students. We, as caring counselors,   demonstrate to our students that we are concerned for their well-being and we are their second family here in Singapore. We ensure that caring for our students is our utmost priority.

The four (4) aspects of student support provided by ISR are in the area of:


We facilitate the orientation not later than the 1st week of the start of the classes

i. Introduction to Singapore

ii. Introduction to Shelton College International

iii. Campus Tour


a.   We listen, communicate and understand each individual through general counselling and referral to the relevant department which can address the concern at hand.

b.   We provide individual and group counselling and assistance for students to help them understand and better manage their personal, financial, social or behavioural concerns that may affect their education while at Shelton.


a.   We provide the first point of contact of students for feedbacks and complaints which are addressed in a timely, neutral and confidential manner

b.   We are available for consultation / advice to the student body at any given point in time.


a.   We coordinate and implement holistic programmes in the area of sports, arts, environment awareness and community involvement

b.   We advise / guide the student council in developing their leadership skills and implementing their projects.

c.   We provide an open channel of communication between Shelton management and student representatives by facilitating Staff & Student Consultative meetings at least once every