CEO's Message

Established in 1993, Shelton College International has dedicated itself to providing quality coursework that would lead to superior academic and professional qualifications.

At Shelton, students are empowered to excel through the acquisition of thinking and process skills in turn, encouraging them to understand their individual competencies within our conducive study environment. This is to ensure the attainment of our main objective — holistic development of every student in the school.

We advocate the use of “Reach In, Reach Out and Reach Up” approach to ensure student achievement:

Reach In: Students reflect with better awareness and find a secure anchor within themselves to face the competitive world with courage to attain the next step which is to.

Reach Out: Students are outward looking, building greater foundations with their unique self-identity, securing a stable future. While stretching themselves in this way, they would eventually.

Reach Up: Students would reach for the stars with their spirit of excellence, thus seeking the attention of global opportunities.

Shelton College International endeavours to be the institution where leaders of tomorrow are groomed. We welcome you discover the nature of our school by exploring what we offer and hope your journey with us is enlightening, fruitful and enjoyable one.

Dr. Jessica Cheng

Chief Executive Officer, Shelton College International